I'm Liam 👋

Multifaceted designer, horror movie lover, mediocre darts player.

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Self-sufficiency derived from high-ownership and intensely independent positions.


Which has helped me build up a product design skillset, bolstered by peripheral skills like...



Motion Graphics

... user testing, and more


Why Trunk?

Expansive Opportunities

What Trunk does is quite literally at the forefront of tech. The opportunity to step into and design for a field that is so in-demand is incredibly exciting.

System Design 

Designers and engineering are intrinsically tied, yet often times have felt heavily separate throughout my own experiences. The opportunity to work at Trunk inspires me on a level focused at learning more about the counter side to the design coin: engineering.

Horizons Ahead

Seeing how much Trunk has grown already, as well as how tied to their user base they still are through Slack and other contact points excites me as a designer. I would love to be able to hit the ground running with Trunk as the growth continues!

- and I'd love to help Trunk improve,
with opportunities like...


Workflow Clarification

During some workflows, such as breakpoint creation, affordances were missing on how to properly back out of the action and return to the dashboard states. I'd love to to explore how workflows such as this, and others, could be improved from a UX standpoint.


Unified Information

I would love to explore a centralized "hub" for all information and updates Trunk may have pulled when the user was away from the product. If applicable, potentially update the product navigation as well.


Onboarding Testing

I would love to be able to run user testing on Trunk's onboarding flow and see what clarifications and potential pain points could be addressed.

UX  /  UI

Admin Portal

Streamlining Amount's partner onboarding process through a layered web experience.


UX  /  UI  / Interaction Design

App Builder

Expanding partner autonomy through a powerful self-service product.